How to access ZADT Investment

There are basically two ways in which ZADT finance can be accessed. First, ZADT through its Business and Market Development service can approach eligible agribusinesses to discuss prospects for funding. The other way is through the eligible agribusinesses approaching ZADT on their own to initiate discussions for funding.  

In general the step by step guideline for Agribusinesses to access ZADT funding includes the following;

1.  Agribusiness determines its financing requirements by carrying out a strategic and financial analysis of the business and present the information in a logical structure or in a business plan format. The business plan should include detailed historical financial records and projections of the business. 

2.  Fill in a ZADT Application Form for Co-Investment support. The Application Form can be downloaded from the ZADT Website or obtained from the ZADT Offices 

3.  Submit the completed application form together with the business plan write up that demonstrates the business linkage and benefits accruing to linked small holder farmers as well as the financial projections.

4.  ZADT will respond within five (5) working days advising on way forward.


A strong and demonstrable link and benefits to smallholder farmers is necessary before an application can be considered for funding. Successful applications will therefore be those which demonstrate a strong commitment to the business as evidenced by the extent of benefits accruing to smallholder farmers and the risk mitigatory measures in place.