Our Partners

The ZADT works with a number of partners operating within the agricultural sector. ZADT was founded by two developmental organizations namely; SNV and Hivos Foundation having realized the gap that existed in funding small holder agriculture. In this light, three developmental financiers came in to avail credit capital towards financing of small holder agriculture through selected banks in Zimbabwe. The three financiers include; The Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zimbabwe (DANIDA),The Department for International Development (DFID) and Ford Foundation. The management and administration of the fund is done by the ZADT. Since inception to end of 2019  all disbursements were done through selected financial institutions that provided the interface between ZADT and the target value chain actors. From end 2019 ZADT reviewed its Model in the wake of the operating environment and is now focussing on Co-Investments directly with eligible Agribusinesses and SMEs. 

The ZADT also co-operates with agricultural technical assistance providers as well as other key partners to cause a structural lift to selected value chains over time and ensure financial inclusion. This is achieved through strategic partnerships and the co-investment and equity ventures aimed at enhancing business capabilities.