Affordable Capital through Microfinance Institution in Gokwe Benefits Farmers

33 Smallholder farmers borrowing from Untu Capital were able to enhance and boost their farming operations, making them operate on larger and more profitable scales. One of the farmers who is involved in piggery and horticulture production said. Another farmer had also managed to fund his children’s education and also contributed to employment creation as he was also employing casual labourers to assist him in his operations.

Mr. Munemo Gokwe Small holder vegetable farmer had this to say “I am involved in horticulture specialis-ing on vegetables, tomatoes and green mealies on one hectare of land. I received a loan of US$800.00 from Untu and I bought inputs worth US$600.00 which I used for green mealies and tomatoes. After harvest-ing the green mealies, I realized a gross income of US$2,400.00 and for tomatoes over US$1,200.00. I am happy because I have managed to buy a truck, cattle and also build a decent house.” AchievementsMr Munemo’s recently built house using proceeds from horticultural production.33Smallholder farmers