Stockfeeds Manufacturing company realizes increased production through ZADT CAPEX Facility

Packzone Investments accessed a ZADT Fund Capital Expenditure Facility through Steward Bank in 2015. The client testified how the facility has assisted the business in boosting overall production and revenues. The loan was used to establish a stock feeds milling and pelleting plant. The company director mentioned that the increased processing capacity had led to higher demand for grain which was sourced from smallholder farmers. Through support provided by the loan facility the company managed to increase their reach to smallholder farmers by expanding their rural outlets where smallholder farmers purchase various agricultural inputs.


Sarah Mtisi - Founding Director for Packzone Investments had this to say;


“We were renting a small place in the industrial area where at first we would use shovels and sticks to mix the feed in a bath tub. We then acquired a small mixing machine which helped us for some time. However, With the increase in demand for our products, the mixing machine became too small for our operations. Thanks to Steward Bank and ZADT, we managed to acquire an industrial stand and processing machinery. The new machinery has improved our production significantly as we can now produce 2 to 3 tonnes of feed pellets per hour”